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Individualized Meal Plans

Reflections, Goal Tracking & Personal Statistics

Healthy Recipes & Demos

Vivapedia ™

Dining Out

On Demand Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Practices

Personal Stress Testing

Weekly Coaching Tips

Additional Video & Downloadable Support

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  • Individualized Meal Plans

    Create your own Registered Dietitian-approved meal plan or have My Viva Plan create one for you, both with an accompanying grocery list.

  • Reflections, Goal Tracking & Personal Statistics

    Mindfulness is a powerful tool that creates awareness and helps us visualize how interconnected our lives are. You will take two minutes a day to reflect on how you fueled your body, moved your body and engaged your mind. Once you have answered some simple questions, your results are shown graphically in the progress section.

  • Healthy Recipes & Demos

    Explore our large stock of delicious and nutritious original recipes created by the My Viva Plan chef.

  • Vivapedia ™

    This nutrition encyclopedia offers extensive information on the nutrition benefits of various foods, vitamins and nutrients.

  • Dining Out on UAlberta Campus

    Registered Dietitian-approved meals for eating balanced at your favourite restaurants on-campus.

  • On Demand Fitness, Yoga & Meditation Practices

    Customizable full-body workouts created by a team of industry-leading fitness experts. Plus, Quarterly Fitness Challenges to keep your routine fresh, effective and exciting!

  • Personal Stress Testing

    Since stress affects us all in different ways, our quarterly personal stress assessments help to empower you with the information you need to figure out how stress is currently affecting you. Knowing where you want to go is the first step in getting there. Set, update and track your short-term and long-term goals.

  • Weekly Coaching Tips

    Our video coaching series, weekly tips, motivation and encouragement to keep you on track. We also have additional online coaching sessions available.

  • Additional Video & Downloadable Support

    Stay up-to-date with exclusive wellness videos: all by industry leading experts.

  • Private Sessions Available

    On-campus Nutrition Coaching and Personal Fitness Training available.

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